In a world where adversity often tests the strength of one’s character, Arun Kumar’s journey is a shining example of resilience, determination, and the power of education. Let us go on this journey as he talks us through his amazing experience.
Low vision is a condition of irreversible loss of vision even after the best possible medical intervention. This impedes a person’s ability to perform tasks of daily living. This is considered a major public health problem by the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2007). 
Conferences often delight me as there will be an air of knowledge sharing, new possibilities, innovative ideas, networking, etc. They serve as a platform for the professional networking, and budding researchers to present their ideas and innovations, capacity building through workshops and so on.
Cordial and articulate, with a zest for adventure, Shubham is an Arts major turned tech buff who has thrived on the skill-broadening exposure brought to him by Vision-Aid’s Digital Accessibility Testing and Training Program.
While many strides continue to be made in eye care to improve sight through refraction, surgery, and other interventions, it is an unfortunate reality that for many persons sight cannot be restored and they must cope with incurable low vision conditions or blindness, which can be a completely debilitating condition. For some, this can happen at a very young age even from infancy. It is the sheer will power of these persons and the support and love of their parents, and other society members around them, that help these young children overcome the numerous challenges visual impairment can bring.
Did I dream of working at a top Financial Services company?  Are you kidding me?  And moreover a person with visual impairments like me? Take heart readers. Read on.